About Us

Blacksmith in Westminster, Maryland

I’m Joseph Staup—popularly known as Reb. I have been blacksmithing since 2004 and doing living history demonstrations at the Carroll County Farm Museum in Westminster, MD, and the Union Mills Homestead in Union Mills, MD.

I have been the blacksmith at the Union Mills Homestead since 2005-2021 demonstrating the skill and trade of smithing through the use of fire, anvil and hammers.

I have also been working with wood since 2013 and have taken over the wood working trade at the Union Mills Homestead in Union Mills , Maryland in 2022. I turn and carve wooden bowls, Utensil as well as flat work in cutting boards, charcuterie boards, etc.

I continue both blacksmithing and woodworking trades at my home shop in Westminster, Maryland. We are a veteran owned business and take pride in making our products here in America.

You will find me different events around the local area including events in the town of Westminster, Md, the Carroll County Farmers Market and the Union Mills Homestead.